Welcome to Gamevest Game Breeders.

Gamevest, one of the top stud game breeders in South Africa, operates from 25 000 hectares of sweet-grass bushveld near Thabazimbi and in the Gravelotte region in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Gamevest Game Breeders is proud to be part of the growing high value game breeding industry. The high value game breeding sector is a natural outflow of the need to conserve and improve the numbers and quality of genetic stock in game species.

Value is underpinned by relative scarcity. Horn length, frame, colour variation and other traits are used as markers of quality and value that establish price through demand and supply drivers.

The sector resonates with ranchers, investors, authorities and the public alike, since it displays optimised land use, financial sensibility, developmental soundness, and emotional affinity.

The strong and imposing African buffalo is Africa’s only wild cattle species, and one of the ‘Big Five’ mammals.View Buffalo Breed
A large, dark to black coloured antelope with an exceptionally long, upright mane along the neck.View Sable Breed
Gamevest started of with a few Black Impala projects and after its 10th project with Black Impala rams on normal, split and black ewes, Saddleback Impala was introduced next.View Black Impala Breed
The roan antelope is one of the largest of all African Bovids, exceeded in size only by the African Buffalo and Eland.View Roan Breed