Breeding top quality breeding animals demands first-class infrastructure, and we spared no cost on making sure our facilities are top notch.

Gamevest breeds high-value and rare game in breeding camp systems designed to keep all the species safe and under controlled circumstances. Electrified predator-proof perimeter fencing borders the breeding camp facility and is patrolled daily. The entire property is also fenced with electrified fencing keeping animals inside and intruders out. Our camps are lightly deforested, allowing visibility of game for daily counting and condition monitoring purposes. Additional camps are under construction.

In addition to natural grazing, animals are given a diet of high-protein bulk feed, dietary supplements and water at multiple feeding points in each camp. Feeding stations allow for the individual monitoring of animals. Manure samples are tested regularly at our on-site laboratory.

The lab also supplies special nutritional mixes, draws blood and collects DNA samples, and stores the latter for proof of lineage. For ease of operations, this facility is situated within the camp system.

Gamevest uses its own game capturing equipment, transport vehicles and aircraft. We partner with Gamevest Air for game captures, and make our aircraft and pilots available to other game breeders. Our aerial fleet includes a Cessna 210 and King Air B90 fixed-wing aircraft and Robinson R44 helicopters, operating from our 1 470 m gravel airstrip at Gamevest.

Further facilities include a 5 Star game lodge, the Rock Lodge, situated on the 2000 hectare open reserve area and can accommodate 20 people.

In short, breeding top quality animals demands first-class infrastructure. We believe in having the right tools for the job, and have invested in:

  • suitable land for breeding purposes
  • a team of experienced game rangers and managers
  • a laboratory for diagnosing and treating sick animals
  • a fleet of farming and earth-moving machinery
  • game handling and game viewing vehicles
  • a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
  • our own game translocation vehicles
  • a five-star lodge.