Aerial darting for game capture is a highly specialised skill set requiring almost intuitive co-operation between helicopter pilot and rifleman. The closer to the target, the more accurate the shot and the shorter the chase, the quicker sedation can be reversed, significantly reducing animal stress.

This requires extraordinary flying and marksmanship in often less-than-ideal conditions. These are skills Gamevest Air staff have honed to such an extent through years of successful game capture that we are confident to offer same to other game breeders.

Gamevest Air operates a Cessna 210, King Air B90 and various Robinson R 44 helicopters. Gamevest Air is situated on the Gamevest property with a 1 470m airstrip that reduces ferry-time cost for those breeders or operations close to the Thabazimbi area.

Gamevest Air also offers training opportunities through its related training schools for pilot licenses on a variety of fixed wing aircraft or helicopters.