Those hoping to enter this lucrative industry will have encountered high barriers to entry. Suitable land, infrastructure and experienced personnel and service providers are as important as finding high quality breeding stock. By contrast, the Gamevest game ownership model provides a clear and easy solution to participation.

Through this model, Gamevest, together with our network of specialised professionals, supplies the land, infrastructure and breeding stock as well as all management, veterinary and feeding expertise. Gamevest manages the entire process of acquiring breeding stock and selling offspring. All income derived from offspring is contractually divided between Gamevest and the ‘game owner’ (after expenses).

Our ‘game owners’ retain 100% ownership of their initial purchased stock, and may sell this breeding stock after five years, with Gamevest having first option to purchase the breeding stock.

GameVest game ownership summary:

  • Renewable breeding agreement for five years
  • Game owners acquire high quality breeding stock
  • Gamevest supplies land, infrastructure and services
  • Gamevest manages breeding herd on behalf of game owners
  • Regular viewing and reports
  • Game owners have access to on-site, five-star game lodge
  • Income generated is divided after costs deductions.